Hysterical Meme! Left’s Terrified You Will Think This Is REAL!


The President shared a parody video clip of Joe Biden getting too cozy with Joe Biden. It’s very funny, but the left is being deliberately obtuse and calling it “doctored.” They seek to mislead.

The President’s meme required the NY Magazine author, Madison Kircher to write about it. In fact, she was so offended that she “yearns for death.”

She said she had to comment since it wasn’t a post to a meme account but from the account of the leader of the free world.

As The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway wrote: I thought the meme of Joe Biden coming from behind to sniff Joe Biden‘s hair and giving Joe Biden a backrub during Joe Biden‘s statement on his touching of others was 100% real. But the media tell me it’s “doctored.” I guess you can’t always believe what you see.

We want you to know the Sentinel isn’t a meme website and this stuff is DOCTORED! The left is terrified you won’t figure it out.

James Woods had some funny responses!

James Woods retweeted a funny one with a Biden-like puppy.

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