Hysterical Parody of BBC Dad Whose Interview Was Interrupted by His Small Children


If you haven’t seen the parody of the BBC Dad whose intense interview about South Korea’s troubles was interrupted by his small children, you will love it and we have it for you! You might want to first view the original if you haven’t.

The Dad was interviewed after the mishap and said he forgot to lock the door, adding, “I made a mistake and turned my family into youtube stars.”

Robert Kelly is an expert on East Asian affairs and was in in the middle of doing a live TV interview with the BBC to discuss the impeachment of South Korea’s president when his 4-year-old daughter Marion burst into the room. Kelly tries to save the interview by gently pushing her out of the shot but then in comes 8-month-old son James, wheeling into the office in his baby walker. That’s not all! Realizing what has happened, Kelly’s wife, Kim Jung-A, slides into the room, ducking, trying to look unobtrusive and grab the couple’s kids

The original was funny enough enough.

The parody is better – it’s hysterical.

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