ICE Agent Faces Suspension for Arresting Illegal with Ten Traffic Violations


“We can’t do anything anymore under these new guidelines”

~ Chris Crane, National ICE Council

An 18 year law enforcement agent and military veteran refused to release an illegal he arrested who did not fit under Obama’s new guidelines. The illegal was not the target of their investigation but he did have ten traffic violations and was here illegally.

Supervising officers released the illegal to continue driving without a license.

The agent now faces a three-day suspension for trying to obey the federal law which Obama and his DOJ refuse to follow. He could be fired and lose his pension.

An American being stopped with ten traffic violations would be taken to jail.

“And it’s not the first time that ICE agents have found themselves frustrated by Obama’s new policy. Last month an illegal immigrant injured an officer during an attempted escape in El Paso. Assaulting a federal officer is considered a federal crime. However, because the suspect was not a priority target, he was released without any criminal or immigration charges.” [Fox News]

Senator Sessions wants answers. “The actions that it appears were taken by your agency send a message to agents in the field that they will be punished for doing their duty and enforcing the law,” Sessions wrote in an letter to ICE Director John Morton and obtained exclusively by Fox News. [Fox Radio]

Fox also reported that ICE agents said their morale is at an all-time low.

Read the story at Fox News

On March 27 he and another officer were conducting surveillance on a vehicle in Newark, Del. with plates that were registered to a criminal alien target. During the surveillance, they observed an individual get into the vehicle. The person was detained, questioned and taken to an ICE office so that his fingerprints could be run through a federal database.

The individual was not their criminal alien target. However, he was a 35-year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico who had ten previous traffic violations – including driving without a license.

“The officer made the determination using prosecutorial discretion that he would charge (the suspect) as being in the United States illegally and let the judge sort it out,” Crane [Chris Crane, President of the National ICE Council] said.

“That’s our place in the universe,” he said. “We’re supposed to make arrests and let the judges and the legal system sort through the details.”

Instead, two supervising officers, including the acting field director, intervened and ordered the officer to release the illegal immigrant. The acting field director sat down with the illegal and explained that he was going to be let go because he was not a “presidential priority,” Crane said.

In essence, the supervising officers took on the role of a public defender.

“You had the supervisors intervening with the alien to assist the alien and counsel the alien on avoiding receiving a charging document,” he said.The officer’s supervisors ordered the officer to release the illegal – an order the officer refused…Continue reading…


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