ICE Agent Says Drug Cartels Are Involved in Organizing Border Invasions


Far-left open borders groups are behind the invasion of illegal aliens across our borders but, as one ICE agent said Monday, so are drug cartels. The alien groups are loudly demanding entrance into the United States.
Fortunately, the situation is being handled differently from the past.
People seeking asylum are being processed at a very slow rate, a rate that the officials can handle, although the illegal-to-be insist they will camp in front of the offices until they are considered for asylum.

The invading aliens are mocking America and our laws. Mexico is mocking our laws by giving them passes through their country.

ICE agent Hector Garza said most of the aliens are not refugees, but rather, economic migrants. The conditions in their homelands haven’t changed. All that has changed is our borders are open.

The system is being overwhelmed. Agent Garza said they will soon overwhelm agents as well. The efforts are organized in some cases by drug cartels, smugglers in particular, he said.

ICE Agent Garza Spoke With Neil Cavuto Monday

This brazen young leftist with the megaphone at the beginning of the clip is demanding asylum for illegal aliens.

Mexico is letting these throngs of people march to our border and leftists are demanding asylum for illegal aliens. There are people waiting for years to come into the U.S. They are displaced by people flouting our laws who don’t seem to like us very much.

The migrants are attacking the President. What a great way to start out — trash our President.

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