ICE & CBP Did Not Kill a 7-Year-Old Migrant Girl! Media, Dems Are Lying


Tragically, a little 7-year old Guatemalan girl died shortly after the Border Patrol took her and her father into custody this week. She was ill from the long journey she and her father traveled to the border. It was a horrible outcome after leftist groups convinced people like this family into taking the journey.

The father took his 7-year-old girl, Jakelin Caal, on a dangerous journey to the U.S. border with one of the large caravans. Within hours of surrendering to Border Patrol, the child had seizures.

Jakelin was airlifted to a hospital after she developed a very high fever. She suffered cardiac arrest and later died. The father claims she hadn’t eaten or drank anything for several days.

The trip caused the child’s death. When she died, she was suffering from dehydration, septic fever, and shock. She had a heart attack in the hospital. It is clear she did not die because of anything the Border Patrol did. The child didn’t get all those ailments in an hour-and-a-half. According to the father, the CBP ignored her for that length of time. It’s not what CBP says, and it appears the father is not telling the truth.


The little Caal girl had no obvious signs of illness when she arrived.

The father signed a form saying she was in good health when they were first taken into custody. CBP didn’t know she was sick until she had seizures and began vomiting on the bus going to the border station. She received medical care as soon as she got there.

DHS said in their statement that they interviewed the Caal family and offered them food and water. The father denied that his daughter was ill and signed a form indicating that there were no visible signs of trauma and that the child appeared to be in good health, according to a copy reviewed by the Associated Press.

“At this time, they were offered water and food and had access to restrooms,” DHS claimed.

Oddly, no one is blaming the father who took her on the trip and didn’t stop to get her food and water for days. Even odder is the fact that no one is blaming these groups who lie to these migrants and drag them on these journies. Why aren’t they blamed?

All the media and some leftist groups are blaming Border Patrol. WaPo’s original story said they weren’t aware of any provisions offered to the little girl.

They are lying for political gain. The left is using a small child’s death for their political ends.

It’s not only the media; it’s the usual leftist clowns like Chuck Schumer. [If we built the wall, these people would stop coming, a fact that eludes Chuck.]


Ocasio-Cortez retweeted this blatant lie. Anyone who did any research knows the child died in the hospital, not in the “hierelas.”

Hack congressman and presidential hopeful Julian Castro said, “We can do better as a nation.”

That’s true, but not the way open borders Castro meant it. We can build the wall and increase the number of border agents.

Dopey know-nothing Alyssa Milano has questions!

Race hustler Kamala Harris also has questions!

The MSNBC correspondent also put out a misleading headline, along with most of the media.

The anti-Semitic Women’s March put their 2 cents in as well.

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4 years ago

Well isn’t it just great that all the left care about is the immigrants. I have never been to a ER and got help in less than several hours and I am a US citizen. Plus I took my mom 3 nights straight to a ER and on the third night she suffered a massive heart attack from being so dehydrated from C-dif and nobody could have care less. They never did one thing for her. Plus my grandson was in the ER 7 hrs before he was seen by a doctor and he was so dehydrated that his hands and jaw were becoming paralyzed. So it is just immigrants that the left cares about, to hell with Americans.

John Vieira
John Vieira
4 years ago

“She is why we march”!!! These demented sociopaths blame everybody but themselves for the ills that they bring down on themselves. The mainstream corrupted media encourages them in this misguided belief. The criminals are the people that organize these fiascoes who are, instead of being condemned by the fake MSM, are lauded for their efforts…along with the UN and EU, unelected bodies, that apparently wish to reduce the countries of the world to the “lowest common denominator”…