ICE Just Released This List! This Is Sick!


U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement has released a list for your safety of all of the places in America to avoid, or if you live in one, what to watch out for. Your safety and that of your loved ones is on the line in any one of these “Sanctuary cities” and there are far more than most people thought.

“ICE has named the “sanctuary” cities where illegal immigrants are safe to live and collect our tax money,” Fox News reported.

These dangerous cities in the United States are the result of politicians violating U.S. law and harboring illegal aliens and illegal alien criminals. If they could keep the lawbreakers within their borders, we could avoid them, but alien criminals generally commit their crimes outside the sanctuary city or town.

Rather than protect Americans, the politicians in these locales are more concerned about defying Donald Trump.

Americans need to take control of their fate and hold these politicians accountable.

Look at the list and see if your community is on it. Then start complaining to your representatives.

Is your hometown on the list?

ICE has more information.

Have you noticed increased crime without media coverage or do you sense the officials are lying about crime statistics? You’re probably right.

The politicians are encouraging illegal entries for votes. That should make you angry.

Crooked politicians have been taking our tax dollars and supplying these people here illegally with healthcare, housing, food and education, even college, while Americans can’t afford some of those things.

These politicians are corrupt. Don’t doubt that.

Illegal aliens, even criminals, have SANCTUARY while Americans are in danger from unvetted people, many of whom are criminals.

Sanctuaries aren’t for criminals and people who sneak across our borders in violation of our law, it’s for people who deserve it.

Get angry! Illegals are not immigrants and calling them immigrants is an insult to real immigrants who come here the right way.

Drug cartels are taking over our cities and even moving into suburbs, poisoning our children. Terrorists are coming in. As Janet Napolitano said, they come in “from time to time”.

Get angry!

This is unacceptable BS!

You are not a racist, nativist, or a xenophobe for wanting people to come here screened and admitted according to the law. The left has successfully tricked people into believing that nonsense.

Americans have the right to decide who comes into the country. They have the right to know if the entrants have committed crimes and what the costs are of sustaining them. We are, after all, paying for it.

Previous administrations, not only the last, have deliberately kept us in the dark.

Read the statistics on this link – the statistics the government refuses to tell you about.

The DoJ has just warned nine sanctuary cities to clean up their act or lose their funding. We finally have a president and cabinet who are systemically proceeding to force these corrupt officials to follow the law.

Branco cartoon via Net Right Daily

h/t Bob Trent and Amanda Shea

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