Iceland Says They Eliminated Down Syndrome, They Aborted 100% of the Babies


Iceland aborts 100% of babies with Down syndrome and CBS News claims they’ve eliminated Downs syndrome.

This has “almost completely eliminated Down syndrome births since the test began in the early 2000s,” Elaine Quijano of CBS explained.

They didn’t eliminate anything but human lives. That’s like saying we eliminated cancer, we killed everyone who has it.

Quijano interviewed an abortion counselor, an Icelandic scientist, and the mothers of children with Down syndrome.

The abortion counselor said she doesn’t regard it as murder or eugenics. She’s saving families.

That’s a cop out.

“We don’t look at abortion as murder,” she continued. “We look at it as a thing that we ended. We ended a possible life that may have had huge complications.” It is “preventing suffering for the child and also the family.”

She said she sees life’s moral decisions as “gray” rather than “black and white.”

She also interviewed an Icelandic woman who has Down syndrome.

People “just see Downs. They don’t see me,” she told Quijano. “It doesn’t feel good. I want people to see that I am just like everybody else.”

You can listen to the interview on this link.

Sarah Palin, the mother of a Downs syndrome boy, addressed it on The Story with Martha McCallum.

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