Idea of Jailing Attorney General Bill Barr Is Going Viral Among Dems


Democrats are threatening Attorney General Bill Barr to weaken him. It’s a clear case of obstruction of justice to keep the AG from investigating the Obama White House and the source of the spying on the Trump campaign. They want to ruin his credibility and wouldn’t mind imprisoning him. The idea is going viral.

Chicken man Rep. Steve Cohen, (D-TN), threatened to drag Attorney General Bill Barr into a hearing or imprison him. He said on Thursday that he would have the House Sergeant at Arms find Attorney General Barr if he continues to be a no-show. The purpose is to force him to come in and sit for interrogation or to imprison him.

On Friday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler sent a letter of warning to the attorney general, after Barr was a no-show on Thursday for testimony. The reason he didn’t come is the committee had voted to allow staff lawyers to question the AG. Nadler previously said that he wanted to imprison any Trump official who didn’t show up and fine them $20,000 a day.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett, (D-TX), said last week that they are prepared to put Attorney General Bill Barr in prison if Barr continues to ignore Congress’ subpoenas relating to Robert Mueller’s report.

Rep. Connolly told Anderson Cooper last week that they might imprison Bill Barr. He seemed to think they could send a clerk to do it. One reason is that the Attorney General didn’t release the full Mueller report. If the AG did, he would violate the law. Democrats are becoming unhinged.

The other reason is they are still accusing him of lying in a response he gave to Chris Christie last month during testimony. Barr did not lie, he answered the question literally.

Rep. Connolly confirms that they will jail, disbar, and fine Trump officials if they don’t show up for the witch trials. The disbarment is new.

Connolly confirmed his desire to imprison all officials who don’t obey their subpoenas. He added that huge fines and disbarment are on the table. The enormous $25,000 a day fines appear to be Adam Schiff’s idea.

Democrats want to discredit Barr in case he uncovers malfeasance on the part of their allies in the DOJ/FBI, and, more so, in the Obama White House. Therefore, they are running with the idea.

“We know how to arrest people around here,” crazy Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., told Politico. “And if we need to arrest someone, the [House] sergeant-at-arms will know how to do it. I’m not afraid of that.”

He added: “If they can arrest my constituents, we can arrest someone else who’s disobeying the law.”

Communista Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., also touted Congress’ “inherent authority,” which she said was “at our disposal.”

“We have a number of steps we’re looking at that we can take,” Jayapal told Politico. “People feel like we’re progressing at the appropriate pace.”

But despite rank-and-file Democrats calling for the arrest of Barr, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., isn’t really taking it seriously. But she isn’t telling her people to stop saying it.

“We do have a jail in the basement of the Capitol, but if we were arresting all of the people in the administration, we would have an overcrowded jail situation,” she said in a snarky manner. “And I’m not for that.”

Several op-eds, including one by former Clinton Labor Secretary, far-left Robert Reich, also supported such a move.

Democrats including Pelosi are running with the false claim that Barr lied to Congress.

“He lied to Congress. And if anybody else did that, it would be considered a crime,” Pelosi told reporters last month. “Nobody is above the law. Not the president of the United States. Not the attorney general.

Democrats are becoming totalitarians and when they gain more power, they will be very dangerous.

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