D.C. Swamp Critter Franken Returns $41K in Campaign Contributions Amid Investigation


The full story of this next D.C. scandal might not reach the attention of the national media so we are highlighting it.

Thornton Law Firm have been top donors to the Franken campaign committee and they are under investigation by the FEC and the Boston U.S. Attorney’s office.

Franken returned the money as federal regulators are investigating the firm for linking employee bonuses to campaign contributions.

Democrats have returned one million dollars though not all Democrats have followed suit. Sen. Jack Reed in Rhode Island didn’t. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention so-called Republican Lindsey Graham didn’t return contributions the firm made to him.

We’re so shocked. We thought Democrats didn’t want big corrupt money in politics.

It is believed that this firm overcharged clients, padding bills by millions of dollars among their other crimes.

As the Boston Globe explains, the asbestos law company encouraged their partners to give money to Democratic campaigns, with their donations later reimbursed by the firm as apparent “bonuses.”

Alpha News reports:

Hillary Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, former Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee have all returned donations to employees of Thornton in recent months.

The Boston Globe reports that Thornton was the 11th-ranked law firm nationally for political contributions in 2014, even though it is not among the top 100 largest even in Massachusetts. Bonuses were distributed to employees as soon as the day after donating.

The Star Tribune reports that the firm’s lawyers and their spouses are among Franken’s top contributors. They donated to Franken’s 2008 campaign when he defeated Republican Norm Coleman by a mere 312 votes.

If a person violates the law but gives it back, does that make him innocent? Are we to believe he didn’t know?

The stench from the D.C. swamp has reached us here in New York despite media blackouts.



  1. It is left to Real Journalists and Real Lawyers like Judicial Watch to bring the real facts before the American Public, sadly, there is no equal justice before the law, everyone knows it but everyone is afraid to stand up and say it, and INSIST that the government do their job, regardless of political party.

  2. no, makes them guilty, they admit to the guilt….automatically thrown out of their office….and what is the punishment for such things…prosecute them and move on. they can elect someone else and the next one might have enough sense not to do the same thing. punish anyone the same, no matter what side of the isle they come from. a while like that and you will get these crooks back in line. if they are never punished then it is balls to the wall corruption 100% of the time and trying to make their bank account as big as they can in case they are beaten in the next election.

  3. The core value of the Democratic party has been devoted to the destruction of rule by Constitutional law for 200 years and they see no problem braking the law to do it!
    Although we have Democrats posing as Republicans the core values of the Republican party interests are that of preserving and defending American government by law.
    Republicans fall short of this when they don’t persue significant legal penalties for political criminals entrenched within our government! Democrat or Republican.

  4. Lol! 41k?? Pikers compared to repubs. Never heard of one returning 1 cent worth of ill gotten gains. Got anything to say, RICK SCOTT?

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