Kasich Is Earning Trump’s New Nickname As He Betrays the Cru-sich Alliance One Day In



Donald Trump picked out a nickname for John Kasich, one for 38, but he had to change it and he’s ready to change it again after Tuesday.

“We call him one for 41. I thought it was 38. He has won one race in 41 states. One, OK! States and an island. So I call him now, I have a new nick name for him. One for 41. Pretty soon it is going to be 1 for 46 or 47. So he’s going nowhere. And he keeps talking how he does with Hillary Clinton. He hasn’t had any negative ad yet. When they put in the first negative ad about him, he’s going to collapse like a rock. Wait until you see this. Boom. Boom.”

Kasich is a joke. He formed an alliance with Ted Cruz, known as the Cru-sich, whereby they would each concentrate on the states they could win with Cruz concentrating and advertising in Indiana and Kasich focusing on Oregon (May 17) and New Mexico (June 7).

Just half a day into the agreement to fight Donald Trump’s nomination, the deal between Ted Cruz and John Kasich is falling apart because of Kasich.

Cruz is telling Kasich voters in Indiana to vote for him because he thought there was a deal.

Kasich is saying, “I’ve never told them not to vote for me; they should vote for me.” That’s what Kasich told reporters at a diner in Philadelphia.

“I’m not over there campaigning and spending resources. We have limited resources,” a clearly annoyed Kasich said. “Mine is like the people’s campaign. I have a campaign where, you know, we’ve been outspent basically 50-to-1. You folks have been counting me out before I even got to New Hampshire. And now we can’t jam all of you into this diner. I mean, everybody chill out.”

Kasich’s spokesperson, John Weaver tweeted this:

That bit of treachery did not go unnoticed.


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