Idiot Troublemaker Chelsea Compares Confederate Statues to Lucifer


Thanks to Twitter, America, heck the world, knows Chelsea Clinton is an idiot. Last night, she tweeted some hate speech by comparing confederate statues to Lucifer. She received a lot of responses wondering if she’s been in a church with the roof not falling down; pictures of the Clinton-Gore campaign posters/pins on confederate flags; and photos of Trump guided by God.

Some suggested statues of her father need to be taken down.

She is tying the evil KKK/Nazis to Christianity, to anyone on the Right and to anyone who has pride in their ancestors who fought for the wrong side. That’s evil.

And she hopes to run for office one day, carry on the much-reviled Clinton name. Her parents helped ruin the Democrat Party.

In fact, the Nazis are Progressives and the KKK was a Democrat Party institution. Wallace, Byrd, and other Democrats segregated blacks.

I was brought up in the North and my ancestors fought for the North. I don’t have love for the confederacy but Sherman and Grant were brutal. Life isn’t black and white. Confederate statues are a monument to history and a lesson to be learned.

They want all the Founding Fathers who owned slaves gone also. All the countries in the world owned slaves at the same time. Many do now. What makes our situation unique, says Thomas Sowell, is the fact that we were standing for something different.

MSM is finally admitting that Antifa and BLM are communists and other statists. What they don’t admit is that it’s not okay. Trump committed the unforgivable sin of pointing that out.

Many Republicans seem afraid to admit that or call these fascists out and some are just stupid. Trump stands alone.

The more she tweets, the more she annoys.

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