Idiotic Idea That Will Leave One Speechless – Banning Best Friends


It’s getting so idiotic out there thanks to the cultural revolution that it could leave one stupefied. Children should no longer have best friends. It’s just not inclusive enough, say the social engineers of the left.

The concept of banning or discouraging best friends began at the St. Thomas Day School a few years ago according to the article at Yahoo News. The headmaster Ben Thomas said, “I would certainly endorse a policy which says we should have lots of good friends, not a best friend,” according to the Telegraph.

A clinical psychologist named Barbara Greenberg agrees and does promote it in the USA, saying it’s gaining traction. For those who complain, she wrote that the real message is being lost.

“I think the real message is being lost here,” she points out, “and the real message is that we want children to be more inclusive and to think about who else they can invite to play with them, to join in with them.”

She did say banning best friends likely won’t work, but the trend is picking up. The reason for that is we all want to do as the royals do.

Do we?


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