If Adam Schiff-tless Singles Out Trump, He Must Look at ALL LOBBYISTS


Adam Schiffty

As we reported Wednesday, Adam Schiff-ty is launching a widespread investigation into all of President Trump’s finances ad infinitum. He’s looking into the lobbying by foreigners. That means he should go after every congressman, including himself, who has gotten money from a foreign lobbyist for any reason.

This type of lobbying is done all the time.

“Why not investigate Adam Schiff?” Kilmeade said Thursday. “Why not investigate Maxine Waters? How did they become rich? Why not investigate them?”

That’s what we keep saying. Schiff doesn’t need an excuse so why does the right need one? It’s hard to understand why Republicans haven’t done it.

The Democrats have nothing so they are on a fishing expedition. They’ve devised a new strategy to get the President’s tax returns because they see it as a way to get more waterways to go fishing down in the hopes of nabbing the President on some real or perceived crime. They want to impeach him.


As we wrote yesterday, Democrats under Adam Schiff’s leadership, as part of the Schitt show, are looking at his finances to find any ties with foreign governments to see if there is any influence on the President.

Schifty even mentioned photos! If the President took photos with foreigners who somehow contributed to his finances at some time, past, present, or future, he wants to know about it.

Lobbying goes on all the time. Is he also going to go after all congressmen, including himself, who get sizeable donations from foreigners? Look at Hillary and all the money she got from foreign governments and all the photos and appearances she made with foreigners.

Democrats are revengeful children who want to overturn the Trump administration.

Schiff is hiring Democrat career professionals out of the intelligence community and his purpose is to get inside information he has no right to.

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