If called to testify in a Senate impeachment trial, Joe Biden will not cooperate


Former Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said on Wednesday that he will not cooperate if called to testify in a Senate impeachment trial.

Isn’t that obstruction or something? Joe Biden has never explained the CFR video of him bragging about extorting Ukrainian officials under the threat of pulling back USAid. The media is remarkably uninterested as well.


Eric Ueland, White House legislative affairs director, reportedly told reporters on Capitol Hill on Wednesday that the White House wants live witnesses in a Senate trial and not taped depositions.

“The underlying impeachment rules of the Senate afford the president a full suite of rights to argue his case on the facts and on the merits,” Ueland said. “That’s why we believe quite strongly that in order to make the president’s whole case in contradiction to a partisan process which doesn’t allow him to make his full case, that we need both a full trial and the opportunity to call witnesses and work a trial over here on the Senate floor.”

“The president wants his case made fully in the Senate with a full trial and that’s a point we’re going to make consistently,” Ueland added.


At a campaign event in Iowa, Biden responded to the news, saying, “No, I’m not going to let them take their eye off the ball. The president is the one who has committed impeachable crimes, and I’m not going to let him divert from that. I’m not going to let anyone divert from that.”

It was only in September when Biden said the President had to cooperate.

“Joe Biden is expected to call for President Trump’s impeachment if the president continues to stonewall Congress’s investigations regarding reports that Trump asked the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden and his son, Hunter,” the Washington Post reported on September 24th.

That was practically yesterday, but there are different rules for Democrats.





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