If Dems Take Over Congress, They Plan to Investigate Judge Kavanaugh


Sheldon Whitehouse is one of the worst members of Congress in terms of being a statist and unethical Senator.

He’s one of the instigators in the lawsuits against so-called climate change deniers. He wanted Mobil oil executives imprisoned for disagreeing about climate change extremism, but didn’t stop there. He wanted to put the little guys like CEI in prison too.

He made it clear Thursday that if the Democrats take back Congress, they will pursue an investigation into Judge Kavanaugh. Democrats want to destroy the judge. They also want complete control of the Congress, the presidency, and the judicial system. After all, they’ve done so well in our crime-infested cities [that’s irony].

“I am confident of that, and I think we’ll also be investigating why the FBI stood down its background investigation when this came up in this particular background,” said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., Thursday during [an] interview with CNN. He also acknowledged that such an effort would happen even if Kavanaugh has already been appointed to the court.

Add that to the list of 100 lawsuits and hearings they plan to pursue if they win back Congress.

It doesn’t matter what the truth is at all. CNN reports both Blasey and Kavanaugh are receiving death threats. Threats against the judge have increased since Blasey accused him of groping 36 years ago or 37 years, she doesn’t know.


A law enforcement official said there are several current threats against the Kavanaughs that law enforcement deems credible, while several others have been opened and closed since he was nominated.

Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser, has turned over death threats she received to the FBI, according to her lawyer.

Blasey is leaving open the possibility to appear before the judiciary to share her claims but she won’t come Monday, an impartial judge might have to interview her. She has shared other pre-conditions too from what we hear.

Who the hay is this woman who thinks she can destroy a man and just be believed without any evidence?

Our country is in trouble.

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