If DOJ Can Go After Hans von Spakovsky, They Can Go After Anyone


This administration seems to be modeling Communist Russia. The president has a disinformation campaign misleading people with regard to the terrorist attacks in Libya and we have the DOJ acting like the KGB, putting non-threatening conservative journalists on their enemies list. Once on the list, you become the subject of a Tass-like defamation campaign.

Hans von Spakovsky is a conservative and a senior fellow at Heritage, a conservative think tank. Mr. von Spakovsky is a former employee of  the DOJ and is now on their enemies list simply for exposing their abuse of power via the printed word.

The Daily Caller secured emails and other communications between Tracy Schmaler, the director of the DOJ Office of Public Affairs, and “reporters” at Media Matters.

The vicious propaganda-machine, Media Matters,  which is intimately tied to the White House,the DOJ, and Barack Obama himself, regularly attempt to put a halt to speech that is unflattering of the DOJ and the administration in general.

The Obama administration through Chicago thuggery has attempted to silence those who disagree.

This follows up on what I have said in previous articles about the threats to our freedom of speech. There is no doubt it is under siege by this administration.

Hans von Spakosky

In dozens of emails, Schmaler enlists Media Matters and provides information “to attack reporters covering DOJ scandals,” in Boyle’s words. In addition to von Spakovsky, Schmaler solicited attacks on other former Justice Department lawyers such as J. Christian Adams, National Review Online contributor Andy McCarthy, and Christopher Coates; bloggers and journalists such as Mike Vanderboegh and William LaJeunesse of Fox News; and even members of Congress such as Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA). Schmaler also sought an article from Media Matters attacking Judson Phillips, one of the founders of Tea Party Nation.

via Heritage

It’s an odd feeling to see your name on the list of individuals targeted by the Justice Department. Especially when you used to work there.

The DOJ’s Office of Public Affairs appears to have enlisted Media Matters to serve as its unofficial PR wing — the one responsible for running smear campaigns too dirty for the department to risk leaving fingerprints.

Media Matters is, of course, a far-left advocacy group that masquerades as a nonpartisan truth-teller and media watchdog. I am not sure whether to feel honored that my critical reporting on the Justice Department’s misdeeds and rank politicalization attracted such attention, or upset that my taxpayer dollars have been used to attack me personally and professionally. But there is no question that taxpayers and Congress should be upset over unethical conduct by Justice Department employees who use government resources to abuse private citizens and journalists guilty only of reporting on the department’s malfeasance.

Matthew Boyle of The Daily Caller discovered the smoking gun through a Freedom of Information Act request for DOJ emails. The department, of course, dragged its feet, taking nine months to respond to the request, even though the law requires a response within 20 days. But it was worth the wait…

Once the information was released, conservative writers were exposed as the targets, merely for being conservatives. Fox reporters being on the list comes as no surprise since Media Matters has vocally declared war of Fox.

…But the attacks that Schmaler engineered on Christopher Coates were particularly unethical and unprofessional. At the time, Coates was a DOJ employee, detailed to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in South Carolina to prosecute criminal cases. Coates was a career lawyer, the former chief of the voting section and an experienced civil-rights attorney.

But Coates had upset DOJ’s political hacks when he complied with a lawfully issued subpoena for his testimony from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Political appointees at DOJ had instructed him to defy the law and not comply with the subpoena… read more at Heritage

Apparently, the Democrats and the DOJ in particular believe that minorities are too stupid and incompetent to get a photo Id so they are vehemently opposed to any such laws under the guise of it suppressing votes. One of Mr. Spavosky’s crimes is to want voter Id laws to reduce voter fraud.

Read the recovered emails here.

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