If Hillary Is Elected, SCOTUS Will Subvert the 2nd Amendment, Here’s How


cruz before court

It was Senator Ted Cruz who stated the obvious on Monday and warned Americans that their Second Amendment rights hang by a thread – one vote to be precise – in the Supreme Court of the United States. If Hillary Clinton is elected, there will be a hollowed-out Second Amendment.


“If Hillary Clinton is elected president, the Supreme Court will rule that no individual American has any individual right to keep and bear arms whatsoever,” the Texas senator said. “And the government can make it a felony for you to own a firearm and protect your family.”

The reason? The next president will name from one to four Supreme Court justices during his/her tenure.

“We are one justice away from a five-justice, ultra-left wing majority that will tear down our constitutional liberties fundamentally,” Cruz said.

That same liberal-run court will also move to take down religious symbols on public property, he added.

“If Hillary Clinton is elected president, we will see the Supreme Court ordering Ten Commandments monuments to be torn down on courthouses and public steps all across this country,” Cruz said during a Q&A with evangelical leader James Dobson.

After Cruz warned that the government might make it a felony to own a gun, an audience member called out, ”Come and take it!”

The crowd cheered and murmured agreement.

“I think Iowa and Texas have some things in common,” Cruz joked as the Texas senator spoke to the crowd in Iowa.

Cruz has been making a total of 28 trips around Iowa in his Cruzin mobile.

Cruz turned his position as Texas Solicitor General into a national platform for his causes, one of which was the Second Amendment. It was Cruz who brought the Heller case to the Supreme Court. In 2008, he filed the brief that took he powerful stance on whether the Second Amendment establishes an individual right to own guns, or just protects state and local militias.

Politico reported that he wrote forcefully that “the individual right to keep and bear arms” is a “fundamental right” and that “an individual right that can be altogether abrogated is no right at all.” Thirty attorneys general from other states signed on.

The Heller case was a watershed in gun rights meant to determine if the Second Amendment had any modern significance, he said.

The Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision shot down the Washington, D.C., handgun ban and ruled for the first time in the history of this country that the amendment ensures an individual person’s right to have a gun for self-defense. The National Rifle Association recognized Cruz’s role with a resolution.

For Politico, this is nothing more than exploiting an opportunity, for the brilliant Ted Cruz it’s a path to cementing our inalienable rights for the future as ideological leftists look for ways to dismantle them.




  1. The 2nd Amendment is already “hollowed out”. Where in the Constitution does it say Congress or the Courts can infringe our liberties? Where does it say we can be required to petition our masters for a permit to carry or own a firearm? Where does it describe the “reasonable” limits imposed ALREADY by the elite in D.C.?

    What is described in this article is the elimination of the 2nd Amendment by fiat. It’s already been emasculated, and we accept it like good subjects of the crown.

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