If Hillary Were President, What Would It Be Like


If Donald Trump doesn’t fill every Republican’s wish list and is causing some consternation, just think of what it would have been like to have Hillary Clinton as president.

Her lack of respect for Separation of Powers is legion. For example, she tweeted her support for the 9th Circuit last week.

The court decided to usurp the power of the presidency and overstep their constitutional authority. There was no regard for national security – none – on their part or hers. That doesn’t come as a surprise to those who watched her endless lapses in protecting national secrets.

Hillary cares more about spreading the hate for Trump than she does about protecting Americans.

She tweeted out her support for the judges. Cleverly, Kellyanne Conway tweeted back that Hillary’s score was 0-3.

Hillary praised the vicious and unhinged senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren. who repeatedly suggested her colleague in the Senate, Jeff Sessions, is a racist — she has no evidence it’s true.

Warren, a fake Indian, is far-left and anti-Capitalist.

If she were president, the former secretary of state of Benghazi fame would be parading phonies like Khazr Khan before the public and telling us what our values are in her arrogant fashion.

Hillary has encouraged the protesters/rioters with no recognition of the fact that they are violent and perverse much of the time. The most radical of the groups like Black Lives Matter and The Revolutionary Communist Party march in her name.

There would be never-ending freebies for the far-left base and it would be very costly for people who work for their benefits.

Finally, feminist bullying and identity politics in general would be ever-present, day after day, without let up. It would be shoved down our proverbial throats. No one would be able to criticize her.

The Clinton Foundation would be a booming pay-to-play enterprise and the First Husband would have brought his unique blend of sleaze and misogynistic womanizing back to the West Wing.

There is talk of Hillary running again in four years. She would like to, but she won’t be any better a candidate in four years than she was this time around.

Were she president now, we’d be facing criminal investigations and trials for climate doubters. Our borders would be open as promised.

Let’s not forget her penchant for lying. She has been branded a “congenital liar” by the late great William Safire. We’d never know the truth and the media would back her up.

In the meanwhile, let’s be grateful she’s been dwarfed by an immense loss despite the left having permanently taken over the coasts with new Americans who have been sucked into the leftist vision.

We dodged a bullet. Stand by Trump because the alternative isn’t good for freedom-loving Americans.

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