If I Wanted a King, I’d Move to Jordan Where They Have a Good King



Why not Emperor Obama?

WaPo has gone out of its editorial mind. They posted an article by a professor who wants unlimited presidential terms. He’d like to see Obama serve without limit if voters want to reward him with it. I wonder if that would make Michelle the Queen should Barack die. Does it mean Sasha or Malia would be next in line?

Right off its article about Communist Lee Harvey Oswald killing JFK as a result of the Tea Party atmosphere at the time, WaPo has gone off the rails yet again. They published an article by a professor at NYU, a very liberal-statist university, in which the good professor proposes removing the restriction on presidential term limits.

The article starts with a condemnation of the 22nd Amendment by Senator Harley Kilgore on the Senate floor after the Amendment was ratified. Kilgore, who won his seat in W. Virginia with an election fraught with ballot box shenanigans, was a big labor supporter, welfare proponent and globalist  in 1947 before it was popular to be all that. Kilgore objected to the limits because he said, ‘The executive’s effectiveness will be seriously impaired, as no one will obey and respect him if he knows that the executive cannot run again.’

The professor laments Obama poll numbers and the resistance he is receiving even from his own party. He stressed that if there were no term limits, Mr. Obama would not have to deal with an uprising of Democrats or voters.

If voters want Mr. Obama to serve another term, ‘why shouldn’t they be allowed to award him one?’ reasons the professor.

He traveled back to George Washington to prove his point. Washington opposed term limits, he says.

George Washington also declined the opportunity to become king.

George Washington imposed a two-term limit on himself as did every president until FDR.

The 22nd Amendment was imposed in response to FDR’s third term which was less than stellar thanks to his concessions at Yalta.

The author – the professor – is less-than-thrilled with Republicans who pushed for the 22nd Amendment as an ‘undisguised slap at the memory of Franklin D. Roosevelt.’The vote was bipartisan, but mostly a Republican initiative.

Personally, I’d like to see term limits for Congress in addition to the president. Once in office, the politicians buy votes for their future elections.

The professor claims that we must let Barack Obama run again because ‘anything less diminishes our leaders and ourselves.’What a thought. Imagine the damage Barack Obama could do in 8 more years? Why stop at 8?

Rep. Jose Serrano puts through a bill to repeal the 22nd Amendment every year and would agree with the good professor. An endless Obama reign, just what the far-left needs.

If the left wants to make Obama into a king, then let’s at least make him a powerless figurehead like Queen Elizabeth. He could golf, hang out in Hollywood, and fundraise enough money to pay off the national debt.


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