“If Iran Cheats, the World Will Know” – We Knew With N. Korea Too…videos


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President Barack Hussein Obama spoke immediately after the announcement of a framework for the nuclear deal with Iran. The details of the deal were not presented and that’s where the devil is.

His statement was delivered from the Rose Garden where he described the deal as “historic.” He believes it is the best possible and understands that Prime Minister Netanyahu disagrees. He said “it will make our country, our allies, and our world safer.”

He warned Congress to go along. If they don’t “international unity will collapse.”

“I will be speaking with the leaders of the House and Senate today. In those conversations I will underscore that the issues at stake here are bigger than politics. These are matters of war and peace. And they should be evaluated based on the facts and what is ultimately best for the American people and for our national security. For this is not just a deal between my administration and Iran. This is a deal between Iran, the United States of America and the major powers in the world including some of our closest allies. If Congress kills this deal, not based on expert analysis and without offering any reasonable alternative, then it is the United States that will be blamed for the failure of diplomacy. International unity will collapse.” [Bold is mine]

The main points:

Iran has agreed to enrichment of Uranium up to 3.67% for a specific period of time – a percentage well below the required amount needed to build a bomb but only for a period of time.

He said Iran “eliminated its stockpile of dangerous nuclear material.” [They haven’t of course.]

Iran has agreed to “robust and intrusive inspections and transparency regime”. [The IAEA can’t get any information now.]

President Obama says the agreement shuts down Iran’s path to the bomb because they won’t be able to enrich Uranium for ten years. [In other words, there is a sunset clause.]

The sanctions can “snap back”, he said.

He iterated his longtime view that the U.S. staunchly supports Israeli security.

He will give Congress “oversight,” warning that the U.S. will be blamed if it doesn’t work. [That point was repeated by FARS – the Iranian news agency – within minutes of him saying it.]

He said “Iran has met all of its obligations.” [Iran has not submitted to IAEA inspections.]

Obama said, “If Iran cheats, the world will know.”


This is how it went down with North Korea.

President Obama said he has reached agreement with our allies and partners but he completely ignored the allies most seriously and immediately affected in the Middle East.

Secretary of State John Kerry spoke in Lausanne after the president and said  he has “confidence” that Iran’s nuclear program is “exclusively peaceful” if the terms of the agreement outlined in this framework are “adhered to.”

That alone should terrify people. It’s not terrifying Democrats, however. They are quite pleased.

Kerry said that there is no sunset clause but the State Department released a fact sheet that shows one sunset clause after another.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has framed the deal as a reward for Iran’s aggression. Click Here For The Video.

Since the nuclear talks began, Iran has been accused of helping Syria’s Assad build a nuclear plant; imprisoned a Washington Post journalist; seized control of Yemen; is seizing control of Iraq; has taken control of Beirut; finances and arms hezbollah and Hamas; has threatened the U.S., Israel and our Middle Eastern allies; has called for Death to America and labeled us The Great Satan repeatedly.


Prime Minister Netanyahu tweeted this earlier this afternoon but Obama only listens to himself.

The Foreign Minister of Iran said he’s not closing any plants, will keep the centrifuges,e will enrich in Natanz instead of Fodor for a time. The sanctions will be terminated. They’re not giving up anything. We just legitimized them as a nuclear threshold nation.

The State Department has released a “fact sheet”.

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