If Slaves Try to Leave Government Plantations, Feds Come to Beat You Up


When you have Federal police as Spain does, they can come in and block a referendum they don’t like with force. In Catalonia, roughly half the region wants independence so they put up a referendum which Spain said was illegal. The Catalan leader says the citizens have the right to vote for an independent states.

Catalans have their own language and culture and have long been unhappy with their union with Spain.

However, when the slaves try to leave the government plantations, the government will come in and beat them up. Spain said they used justifiable and equitable force.


The people who want to remain as part of Spain boycotted the vote and it was obvious the vote would go towards separation. Rather than let the people vote, the Federal police came in with clubs, mace, and rubber bullets to block them from voting. They also stole the ballot boxes in some places.

Independent reporter Tim Pool was on site doing his usual great job.

In this clip, the police are seizing ballot boxes while masked.

Google as usual cooperated with the big government.

The Catalans are currently protesting throughout the city.

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