If We Don’t Go to War, What About the Weapons of Mass Destruction?


NPR Photo via NPR

Rebels say that if the US strikes Syria, they will ‘pounce’ on Assad, launching a coordinated nationwide offensive, according to the LA Times.. The problem of course is the rebels have thousands in their ranks who are jihadis.

If the US doesn’t strike, will chemical weapons be the new norm? At some point soon, something must be done, but the international community needs to stand up. The US cannot stand alone in this. If the world won’t oppose it, they will find themselves on the receiving end one day.

The US can’t be expected to fight alongside a Syrian Army infiltrated with al Qaeda and led by a moderate who is an anti-semite, with our reluctant president, and without a plan or any international support.

However, are we really okay with this as the new acceptable means of warfare? Herein lies the problem and in this, President Obama has a point.


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