If We Opt-Out of Common Core We Will Know It’s a Revolution!


Story written in part by Rosalie Hanson


There is blood in the water!

New York seems like one of the least likely states to drop out of Common Core but even the NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo, is showing signs of hesitation.

Cuomo declined to give his unqualified support to State Education Commissioner John King in a recent airing of The Capitol Pressroom. He said there were concerns about the controversial Common Core curriculum.

“I don’t know that anyone has my 100 percent support, some family members included,” Cuomo said flatly. “I think John King has done a good job, by and large. I think there are some real questions about Common Core.”

When pressed about his “tepid support” of the education chief, Cuomo quickly added, “I think he has done a good job. I support the job he’s done.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo on The Capitol Pressroom, “There are real questions about Common Core.”

Common Core is facing serious opposition in all 45 states that have adopted it. We are at war with a powerful government bureaucracy and with corporations who will make a financial killing off Common Core.

The most effective weapon we have in our arsenal to oppose the Core is to opt-out of the standardized testing. If parents do have their children opt-out, we will know it is the revolution!

In order to win, we need large numbers of parents joining the opt-out movement.

There will be a lot of pushback and empty threats by the powers that be if parents opt-out of the standardized testing, but it is the most powerful weapon we have. We must use it.

New York State was one of the first to adopt the Common Core Standards on July 19, 2010. The Board of Regents approved them on  January 10th, 2011. They have been rushed through with corresponding standardized tests with predictably abysmal results for children and teachers.

Common Core was a good idea gone horribly wrong. It was supposed to deliver a set of common standards in English Language Arts and Math that would serve as guidelines for educators. It has instead become a battleground with the government on one side and many parents and educators on the other.

Arne Duncan, the Commissioner of Education, tried to pin the opposition to Common Core solely on everyone’s favorite scapegoat, the conservative right, but there is something bad in Common Core for everyone, not just the right.

Duncan, showing his bias again, also attempted to blame the opposition on “white suburban moms” who are afraid to find out the truth about their little Einsteins who aren’t all that smart. After an uproar, Duncan said he didn’t say what he said “perfectly.”

The left doesn’t like Common Core because it presents a threat to public education, local control of education, tenure, and unions. They don’t like the intrusion of corporate influence into education and they don’t like the standardized testing.

The right doesn’t like the potential it has for: nationalizing education; usurping state and local control; and loading up the curricula with government propaganda.The data mining of children’s records is also anathema to conservatives. They too object to the excessive testing.

Everyone dislikes it because it hurts many children who are being made to feel inferior. The program is creating disengaged students.

The excessive testing and the often grade-inappropriate standards are destroying our educational system. Teachers and children are rushing through automated lessons and there is little or no time for the art of teaching.



Iowa Governor Branstad overruled Common Core with an Executive Order but Dr. Brad Buck, director of the Iowa department of education, ignored the Order and is moving full-steam ahead with Common Core.

Even Baltimore has met with Common Core opposition.  “This is a disaster. … I have yet to come across one person who said, ‘I am glad we did this,'” said Morna McDermott, a Baltimore County mother who is a founder of United Opt Out National, which is opposed to the Common Core and instructs parents on how to remove their children from testing.

Cindy Sharretts, a Harford County mother who decided to home-school her children because of concerns about public schools, said she doesn’t like the measures being implemented with money that comes in part from the federal government.

“It is big government on a federal level reaching down into the state and then into small communities,” said Sharretts. “I believe it has big ramifications on our lives.”

She also believes the standards will de-emphasize the content that students learn. Instead, she said, they will spend time working in groups and learning to analyze “their own thought processes. … They are being robbed of an academic rich education.”

South Mississippi formed an anti-Core group in October. State Senator Angela Hill of Picayune said the state was pressured into accepting the standards or risk losing the Race to the Top money.

Hill said Common Core has not been tested, so there is no proof that it raises student achievement. She plans to introduce a bill in January to stop Common Core, so a panel of educators can conduct a full review and cost analysis.

This is what we are up against. The only way to deal with the big money and the politics of Common Core is to rebel and refuse the testing. Only a big pushback will stop it but everyone must be on board.

In an op-ed published on January 16th, George Will said that opposition to Common Core is surging:

The Obama administration has purchased states’ obedience by partially conditioning waivers from onerous federal regulations (from No Child Left Behind) and receipt of federal largess ($4.35 billion in Race to the Top money from the 2009 stimulus) on the states’ embrace of the Common Core. Although 45 states and the District of Columbia have struck this bargain, most with little debate, some are reconsidering and more will do so as opposition mounts…

… Opposition to the Common Core is surging because Washington, hoping to mollify opponents, is saying, in effect: “If you like your local control of education, you can keep it. Period.” To which a burgeoning movement is responding: “No. Period.”

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