If You Are Considering Vacationing in Politically Correct London, Forget It


If you are considering visiting London, you might want to skip it. Crime is way up under the terrorist apologist Mayor Saddiq Khan. It’s unsafe. Crimes are frequent and violent.


A one-year-old boy is in a critical condition after he and his 30-year old mother were stabbed in Feltham, London, where police told neighbors to lock their doors and windows after the attack.

Suspect Rehan Khan is on the run. The one-year old baby is in critical condition and the mother is in stable condition.

According to Get West London, local resident Dawn Williams said of the situation: “They still haven’t caught him. Helicopter searching.”

“When I asked the police for a description they refused to give me one. Go home, lock your doors [I was told].”

“I was there when the air ambulance arrived. They told everyone to go in and lock your doors,” she said.

It isn’t politically correct to say he is a Middle Eastern man.

Also, over the weekend police were called to multiple knife attacks, while a man in Peckham was reportedly shot in the face through a car window.

Since January, more than 60 people have died from knife injuries in the capital, the murder rate of which overtook New York City for the first time since 1800 earlier this year.

Check out the roving UK swordsman:

Monday was no better than the weekend. London police are looking for this man who sexually assaulted a woman twice as she was walking near Chiswilk Station at about 5:40 in the afternoon.

More stabbings on Monday.

Another raid in the Muslim immigrant paradise of Tower Hamlets.

There is this enthusiastic terrorist.

Another problem are the violent scooter thieves. Suspects on scooters armed with knives and hammers enter stores and rob them. Others grab bags from people walking down a street. The crime is daily and it is violent.

Pick another vacation destination.

H/T Van Scheurich

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5 years ago

Where are all the “moderate” muslims we keep hearing about protesting against this type of behavior in London and throughout the world? **Crickets**

Tim Shepperson
Tim Shepperson
5 years ago

Well keep putting these liberal socialists in charge and this the crap you get. Show me a city in the USA run by a democrat that’s prospering and crime free. WTFU America.