If You Feel A Little Bit Vulnerable



If you are someone who has been concerned about America’s loss of identity and values, if you have suffered through heartbreak or addiction, if you have reached out to God, Janine Turner’s book is one that will give you reassurance and comfort.

What is really terrific about this book is it will make you feel you are not alone. It’s a fascinating read.

Book Review:

A Little Bit Vulnerable, published by Dunham Books and written by Janine Turner is her story of triumph over some of life’s challenges. The blurb for her book says it “reveals how she climbed out of the canyons of heartbreak, alcoholism, and the recent death of her father, as well as her call to action for American men, women and children to preserve American principles.”

A Little Bit Vulnerable tells her story of life in Hollywood with the megahit Northern Exposure, fighting addiction and heartbreak, being a Christian and a single mom, and more. The title comes from a conversation she had with her daughter, Juliette. Juliette Turner is only 18 and has already had two books published .

Janine and Juliet

Ms. Turner was once engaged to the politically left-wing 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin. “During my Alec Baldwin days,” she told Newsmax, “when I was engaged to him, I would sit around in those tables and be told to be quiet – not by Alec.”

Though never married, the beautiful actress dated handsome celebrities like Mikhail Baryshnikov, Sylvester Stallone and Troy Aikman.

She is not shy in expressing her conservative beliefs. She is an American warrior against an intolerant left.

Ms. Turner believes that liberals have done their best to strip all mention of God in the nation’s public school system.

“We are creating a generation of robots. Kids may be academically stimulated, but we don’t take care of a child’s spirit and that is incredibly important,” Turner told Newsmax’ Steve Malzberg last October.

In A Little Bit Vulnerable, Janine Turner shares her poetry, her political writings, her thoughts on the crises in our culture and much more. “I share my knowledge [of sobriety] and that of my great, great grandfather about the cyclical aspects of the disease and how to cope with the stresses of the world in a sober way.”

She closes the book with a chapter about her father, who graduated from West Point and became an Air Force pilot. Sadly, her father passed away while Janine was writing the book. The book includes blurbs from the late Andrew Breitbart, First Lady of Texas Anita Perry, Chris Wallace and many more.

An excerpt from the book:

Sobriety has many promises, many gifts. The most meaningful gift of sobriety that I have received besides my daily, deepening walk with God is the fact that I am able to show my daughter both the joy of sobriety and that we no longer have to ride the train tracks of history. No matter what accomplishments I have achieved and will achieve, the greatest accomplishment of my life is that my daughter will walk through her life fortified with the knowledge and the example of a life lived fully without alcohol. The cycle has been broken.

My assistant told me a true story the other day about a friend of hers who had an alcoholic father who was also an atheist. She had been praying for years for her father’s sobriety and salvation. His years of alcohol abuse resulted in a coma. She prayed over her father’s bed as he laid in a coma. After much deliberation, the family finally decided to pull the plug. So they did. They all gathered around his bedside and the plug was pulled. After the plug was pulled, there was silence, and then he woke up. He woke up and looked at this daughter and said, “I have been dreaming. I have been dreaming that I was on a battlefield of good and evil and then a hand reached out and touched me and said, ‘Do you want to be a hero?’ And I said ‘Yes,’ and I woke up. He looked at his daughter and said, “I want to be a hero.”

When you are finished reading the book, you will feel like you’ve made a friend who also happens to be a hero herself.

A Little Bit Vulnerable, by Janine Turner, is available on Amazon.