If You Pray on a Football Field, You Can Be Punished According to a US Court

Coach Kennedy kneeling at 50 yard line on Bremerton HS football field

A Washington state high school football coach who was fired for taking a knee at the 50-yard line for a post-game prayer violated the U.S. Constitution according to the leftist 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

They refused to reinstate the coach.

In essence, their ruling thus allows punishment of coaches who pray on public school football fields.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reasoned that parents and teachers can see them doing it. Prayer is not protected under the US Constitution of the First Amendment.

The following is okay of course:

The three-judge panel ruled the Bremerton School District was justified in firing Coach Joe Kennedy.

The coach, a former Marine, has been praying since 2008. Kennedy was often joined by members of his team, an occasional parent and sometimes players from the other team.

An employee in another district mentioned it to school officials in 2015 and an investigation was begun. The school decided that he could only pray if no one could see it. The coach refused.

The coach might appeal for an expanded panel to rehear the case or appeal to the Supreme Court.

And you thought you were free!


  1. A high school football coach paying on a high school football field in a one-horse town in one of the 50 states means that Congress has passed a law respecting the establishment of religion. A public school is just like Congress. Once you see a football coach kneeling on a football field, you know that a law has been passed establishing a religion. You just cannot find it in the Federal resgister. Madly Murray O’Hair got this “precedent ‘ established for us in 1965. it’s the law of the land. Everybody says so.

  2. Sara, the last 6 articles you have put on The Sentinel shows this once great country of ours is going down the toilet, thanks to all the politicians and MSN, the special groups like NAACP, ACLU, the bias courts and judges, on and on and on I can’t even imagine what this country will look like in 5 or 10 years!!!! the USA is more divided than I have ever seen!!!!

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