If You Share Undercover Exposés of Medical Personnel, You Could End Up in a California Jail


Arrested man handcuffed hands at the back

The California legislature is considering a bill that would make it impossible to expose Planned Parenthood (PP) with recordings unless they give their permission, but it is even worse than that. It affects recordings of all medical personnel. A bad doctor can’t be exposed easily.

Anyone who publishes, shares, emails the recordings would also be held liable for criminal prosecution.

The bill moved to the State Senate last week. This is a serious effort.

Abortion mills and all medical personnel are the latest protected class.

The Washington Times  reported that AB 1671, unsurprisingly backed by Planned Parenthood and probably all medical personnel, would criminalize the publication of confidential interactions with state-licensed medical personnel, including abortionists and clinic staff, punishable by up to one year in prison and a $10,000 fine per violation.

The Angel of Death and Nurse Ratched love it too.

They are going to send people who investigate their potential criminal wrongdoing to jail!

Introduced by Los Angeles Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, the bill has received criticism from both pro-life activists and those who worry about its potential to chill free speech and investigative journalism, the Times reported.

Obviously PP wants to reduce transparency and operate in secret.

From the Washington Times:

Lila Rose, president and founder of Live Action, said the Planned Parenthood-backed legislation is an effort to decrease transparency at the nation’s largest abortion provider.

“For years, undercover journalists have documented Planned Parenthood employees covering up for sex traffickers, failing to report child sexual abusers, and trafficking in baby body parts,” Ms. Rose said in a statement. “Rather than be more transparent with the public, Planned Parenthood wants to make it a crime for the media to publish evidence that it might be doing something illegal.”

Ms. Rose pointed out that since Planned Parenthood receives public funding in order to keep its doors open, the public has a right to know what goes on behind those doors.

“A watchdog media is a cornerstone of a democratic society, and when the public funds half of the abortion giant’s operations, it has a right to know that its money isn’t being used to break the law or commit abuses,” she said.

Planned Parenthood receives half-a-billion tax dollars each year and they hope to stop all oversight while taking the money.

This bill will criminalize people for pressing send on an email with a Planned Parenthood video. How will journalists report? It’s not only unconstitutional, it’s Totalitarianism.

Whether you support Planned Parenthood or not, we should all agree that opponents have the right to free speech and they have the right to oversight.

What next? Everyone in California has to buy an American car or hang a portrait of Hillary Clinton in their homes?

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Michael Price
Michael Price
6 years ago

So no matter how badly a doctor behaves, you can’t film him and show it? Sorry but doctor-patient confidentiality is one way. The doctor has no right to YOUR silence about him.

This doesn’t just cover PP or even just abortion providers, it covers all health care workers no matter what they’re doing. This has nothing to do with privacy, there are already protections for privacy. It’s not for confidentiality. It’s for covering up.