If You Support Amnesty, Rubio Is Your Candidate


GOP 2016 Rubio

by Rupert Alvarez

If voters are okay with the Senate immigration bill with the possible addition of some more border security put in place first, then there is no need to read further. Just cast your ballot for Marco Rubio.

Marco Rubio has committed to deporting criminals, that’s the only commitment he’s made in terms of deportation. He said he knows once the border is secure, Americans will be “reasonable.” In other words, he will sign a bill that provides amnesty and a path to citizenship. The Senate bill is something he supported and continues to support. He said he is consistent and he is.

He doesn’t want “blanket amnesty” but he does want people who have been here to have a path to citizenship but they will have to pay a penalty and wait a proscribed length of time. He agrees with giving amnesty to people whose children were brought here when they were young. He has said that recently.

One of the concerns with the Senate bill were all the exceptions to the fines and the wait time. The bill also did not secure the border. There was a five-year plan to close the border and legalization and the rules for citizenship came first before one border measure was to be put in place.

The bill put the responsibility for immigration in the hands of the head of the Department of Homeland Security and it put Border Patrol under the control of the DHS Civil Rights Division.

Senator Rubio now says he will close the border first and Americans will be reasonable.

It is disingenuous for Senator Rubio to say he “doesn’t support military style tactics” to deport people.He’s referring to Senator Cruz but Cruz supports an orderly deportation as he triples the number of ICE agents and tells them to follow the law.


He told Bill O’Reilly recently that he will see that the 700 miles of fencing (not a wall?) is installed (it’s been in the budget off and on for decades). That is one third of the border which is just shy of 2,000 miles. Some say it’s not possible to put a fence along the border for nearly 2,000 miles. How in the world did the Chinese do it then?

On Sanctuary Cities: Rubio told O’Reilly he will cut federal law enforcement funding. He didn’t say welfare. He was careful about how he worded it and he was specific – law enforcement funding.

Rubio does support Kate’s Law.

Trump said Rubio is very weak on illegal immigration.

Less than two years ago, he argued for legalization first.

This is what he said in July, 2014. He is trying to base the immigration on merit but with the chain migration he is setting up, those who follow will not be here based on merit.