If You Want Your Health Insurance, You Won’t Get Your Health Insurance



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Obama is using your tax money to sell people on The Affordable Obamacare Act with faux success stories because he is ‘rebranding’ it. He is encouraging you to buy insurance on an insecure site that doesn’t work while he is telling supporters – unions – to not rush to healthcare dot gov because there are real concerns about how many people it can handle.

They might be able to handle 50,000 at a time but it’s not enough to take care of the people who need insurance.

Just so you know, Amazon can handle 8 million at a time.

Don’t worry though, they have a healthcare dot gov waiting room they will send you too. Yay!

People have to sign up in the next two weeks or they will be without insurance.

Sebelius now says that there will still be many issues. This isn’t a ‘magic turn on switch’ but it is getting better, she said. Weren’t we promised December 1st? Sebelius says no, she didn’t say that. The site didn’t crash either – remember when she told Congress that?

Millions in the form of small businesses will be blocked from using the healthcare dot gov site until two weeks after the election in 2014. Another illegal delay by our king, Obama! When small businesses see what it costs and which they can’t afford, it won’t look good so they aren’t allowed to find out until after the election. Obviously, if it were good news, they wouldn’t delay it.

If that isn’t enough, $1.1 million of taxpayer money disguised as a grant is all it took to pay off Families USA (FUSA – funny Acronym!) that says it is a “national nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans.” They accepted $1.1 million to get the Obamacare ‘success stories’ out to the public as part of the rebranding effort. You can read more about it at Capitol City Project.

You should also know that they are tied to Obama and Enroll America, another sketchy organization. Actually, Obama is sketchy also. All the facts are laid out at the link above.

I’m sending some success stories to the FU USA group and I am sure they will print them since they are a non-partisan group. These three come from  My Cancellation ‏@MyCancellation on Twitter. Check them out!

success story

Did you know that Covered California will have fewer people at the start of the new year than it had previously? It only cost $910 million for this achievement! Read about that on this link.

Here’s a real nice success story:


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