If You Were Born In Jerusalem, You Are Not An Israeli According to SCOTUS


The U.S. Supreme Court has decided on the side of the president in the case of a law that allowed an American born in Jerusalem to list his birthplace as Israel on his passport .

The court ruled 6-3 that Congress overstepped its bounds when it approved a law in 2002 that allowed the practice though Jerusalem has not been recognized as part of Israel. It would have forced the State Department to alter its long-standing policy of not listing Israel as the birthplace for Jerusalem-born Americans and listing only “Jerusalem.”

This is SCOTUS giving the nod to President Barack Hussein Obama on foreign affairs. It must be the wonderful job he’s doing.

I hate to say it but this could be a bad sign for the decision on the federal subsidy for Obamacare, not that they are connected, but SCOTUS is showing a strong bent towards siding with the president on his overreach on some issues.






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