Iffy Data Proves Undefinitively 2014 Warmest Year on Record


“I also think the science is being manipulated to put a political spin on it which for all our sakes might not be too clever in the long run,” Peter Thorne of the UK Met office writes in hacked email.

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The government – NOAA and NASA – say 2014 was the warmest in 135 years. That is the only headline that we hear but there is other data and other opinions that say otherwise.

polar bears are fine

All of the global warming proofs are based on computer models and predictions that have not panned out as predicted. There’s a lot of exaggeration going on.

Anyway, if it were true, I”m sure Mr. Obama would cut down on his jet travel or he’d plane pool with his wife. It mustn’t be that serious, oh, wait, it’s only serious enough for you and me to sacrifice.

The global warming activists can’t legitimately make the claim 2014 was the warmest in 135 years because we are now using completely different data from 135 years ago. They’re comparing unlike date just as they did with the hockey stick. Doing it this way makes it very easy for them to come to the conclusion they want.

Some of these climate change reporters have an agenda. They’re anti-Industrial Revolution activists and some are getting rich off it.

No one should argue climate isn’t changing, but one should know that it has happened before. The Sahara was covered with lush vegetation more than once.

We don’t even know for certain if any of this is caused by man. They can’t show by any experiments that CO2 causes this greenhouse effect. There is no correlation at the present time and no one knows if there is one. For all they know the greenhouse effect could result from all the solar panels being put on the earth.

Daily Caller: 2014 Wasn’t the Warmest on Record

It was actually the 6th warmest according to this chart:

6th warmest

Climate scientists and environmentalists sounded the alarm this year after Japanese climatologists reported 2014 was the warmest year on record based on global surface temperature readings. But satellite temperature data shows that 2014 was not even close to be the warmest on record. In fact, 2014 was only the 6th warmest year on record, according to the Remote Sensing System (RSS) satellite data set that measures the lowest few miles of the Earth’s atmosphere.


RSS satellite data show there has been no global warming for 18 years and three months — a so-called pause in global warming that has lasted since the late 1990s and continued through 2014.


As for the continental U.S., 2014 was only the 34th warmest, as record cold temperatures plagued the beginning of the year.

Heartland: 2014 Was Not Warmest Year Record

According to the RSS satellite data, there has been no global warming – at all – for 18 years 3 months, notwithstanding ever-more-rapid increases in atmospheric CO2 concentration. El Nino and La Nina might have contributed to the stall. It grew warmer in 2013 and 2014, Nino-neutral years – indicating climate is changing.

However, according to the following chart based on two satellite datasets – RSS and UAH – 70% of the years since the last Ice Age were warmer than today.

Reason Magazine says 2014 was the third warmest and there is still no sign of a speed up in the rate of global average temperature increase. They used nice charts too – every bit as nice as NOAA’s.

Willis Eschenbach says this: “At a minimum we can say that the development of climate science is in such an early stage that we still don’t have general agreement on even the recent temperature history of the planet, much less the earlier temperature record. ‘settled science’ at its finest, I suppose.”

The entire thing is rather iffy and science is being exploited for financial gain and we don’t even know if we can make a difference so how much should we lower our standard of living to deal with all this?


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