IG Investigation Into DoJ/FBI Is About Making Trump Look Bad


Charles Krauthammer said Thursday, Democrats on their way out are trying to leave as many land mines to cast doubt on Trump’s win. He made his comments on Fox News’s Special Report in response to questions about the Inspector General’s probe into the DoJ/FBI’s actions regarding Hillary Clinton prior to the election.

Do you agree? If you do, then the conclusion is the Democrats do not want what is good for the country. This is the same party that attacked Rush Limbaugh mercilessly for saying about Obama, “I hope he fails”. Rush wanted Obama’s agenda to fail. In this case, the Democrats want American nationalism to fail. With it, they want to see our constitution fall apart. These people are Fascists.

They want their hard-left agenda and will destroy the country before they let it fall apart. If you read the Wikileaks emails, you know that the hard-left controls the Democrat Party. You also know that John Podesta and George Soros emails exposed their goals to control all government agencies, the media, and all state and local governments. They want the entire nation to look exactly like California which will eventually look like a Third World country.

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