IG report Coming by October [We’ll See] Will Show Corruption & Bias


The Hill editor, John Solomon was on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs last night and told Dobbs the IG report is now due between mid-September and the first week of October. Are they kidding???

It keeps getting delayed and if past is prologue, it will be what we saw with the last two IG reports. They prove corruption and bias but in the conclusion, they exonerate everyone or blame no one or say there was no intent.

In the most recent report, the Inspector General of the DOJ Michael Horowitz said Jim Comey was insubordinate but there was no bias at the FBI. That was after the report showed many, many biased comments. McCabe — who was recommended for investigation and was investigated — was fired but he’s not in jail, nor is Comey. The Benghazi IG report was a whitewash — no one was to blame.

“Barring any new disclosures, the IG is on course [to release its report] early- to mid-September to the first week of October as the window they are trying to hit,” Solomon told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs.

Solomon said the rumors suggest that the Obama FBI intentionally acted in a corrupt and biased manner to illegally spy on Trump campaign aides.

“[There’s going to be] the emergence of very strong evidence that the FBI knowingly and willfully misled the FISA Court,” Solomon said. “And the US intelligence agencies may have also been involved in what Bill Barr calls ‘political surveillance.’ It’s a term I’ve never heard before. He chooses his words clearly. The term ‘political surveillance” could become very popular this fall.”

In July, Solomon reported that the Obama FBI knew way back in 2017 that 90% or more of Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump dossier was unverified and contained bogus claims, but they used it anyway to obtain sham FISA warrants to illegally spy on Trump campaign officials.

How long do we have to wait??? Now it’s October, and for what? We will see I guess. These IGs appear to cover up more than expose but maybe I am being too harsh.



    • Unfortunately I can’t help but agree with you. I’m not hopeful about this report. How many times have we heard it’s forthcoming but never published? How many times we heard they’ll be prosecuted but nothing happens? Sessions was a bust! I thought he was a stand up guy and turns out he’s part of the deep state! As DC Turns seems apropos.

    • Barr is part of the problem. He could have over-ruled the no prosecution for Comey. Letting him go was a green light to the filth in the deep state!

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