Ilhan Omar comments on Chabad horror, she should have said nothing


After the horrible shooting yesterday by a hatemonger at the Chabad Synagogue along comes Rep. Ilhan Omar, the anti-Semite, commenting. It would have been better if she said nothing. As with the Christian slaughter in Sri Lanka, she ignores the core problem.

In these tweets, she calls it “religious hate” because she can’t say anti-Semitism. The last line was truly offensive, “Love trumps hate,” obviously suggesting Trump is a hater and responsible in some way.

Omar is subversive.

The killer wrote that the President is “Zionist, Jew-loving, anti-White, traitorous cocksucker.” And she knows it. Omar is a liar.

She needs to shut the hay up. Nothing she says is sincere.



  1. There is no redeeming factor for this Muslim Terrorist who smuggled herself into this country.

  2. My older brother showed me an online video of the mall of America in Minnesotastan and it was a shocker. Look it up for yourself but remember big brother is watching with a thoughtcondom to save you from yourself.

  3. Rabbi Goldstein excused himself from services briefly to wash his hands etc in the foyer immediately prior to the Yizkor service. It was while he was in the foyer area when the shots rang out and he saw the fatality: Lori Gilbert-Kaye fall to the ground. He noticed the shooter with his gun and managed to get his hand on it attempting to wrestle it out to protect his congregation. It was at that moment that the gun discharged blowing off two of Rabbi Goldstein’s fingers. No more bullets exited the barrel as the gun jammed following the scuffle.

    Meanwhile an off duty law enforcement officer joined the efforts and pursued the shooter who ran to his car and fled the scene. He lost his opportunity to enter the sanctuary and perpetrate an untold amount of carnage.

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