Ilhan Omar files for divorce from her husband Ahmed Hirsi


Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar filed for divorce from her second husband Ahmed Hirsi after just a year of marriage although she had some kind of union with him years before in the “Somali tradition,” had three children by him, and lived with him while married to a man (Ahmed Nur Said Elmi) who appears to be her brother.

Divorce records show Omar legally married Hirsi after her divorce from Elmi was finalized.

Omar cited an “irretrievable breakdown” of her marriage as the reason for the divorce.

She has been fending off allegations that she was having an extramarital affair with a married Washington D.C. lobbyist.

She was named in the divorce filing of the wife of 38-year-old lobbyist Tim Mynett.

When asked if she was dating, she denied it and then refused to address it further. Omar has been photographed at dinner with Mynett and there are reports he was holding her hand.

The Minnesota Representative had the nerve to blame the media and her political opponents for the break-up of her marriage. It put a strain on them according to her. She is always the victim.

FEC records previously confirmed that Omar’s campaign reimbursed $21,547 in travel expenses over the past few months for E. Street Group, where Mynett works as a partner. He’s her ‘consultant.’ Daily Mail reports that Omar paid Mynett’s company more than a quarter-million dollars for travel and expenses.

Hopefully, this will shut down some of her moralizing and virtue-signaling for a while. It’s quite annoying.

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