Ilhan Omar gets Her Own Billboard on Monday!


A rally and press conference followed by a billboard launch will take place at Times Square in New York City demanding the removal of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, citing anti-Semitism and an anti-Israel, pro-Islamist agenda.

She will get the AOC treatment.

  • Ilhan Omar. Leftist muslim puppet. Not an original idea in her head. Scripted to stir up those who would call her out for her anti-American rants. Which further enables the left to act against those who denounce her.
    With each statement/rant she, along with the other leftist ingrates in congress, is hoping to trigger a violent response. They still don’t understand fly-over folks. They will if they keep it up.

  • Why don’t they just put one up of the terrorists who committed murder on 9/11. She has sworn to the same oath as those bastards. According to thequaran, all muslims are either terrorist or terrorist supporters. Read ir for yourself.

  • Democrats and Liberals are the enemy of Blacks, Jews and all true Patriot Americans and yes the majority is Republican.