Ilhan Omar Leaves Her Husband, Moves Into a Penthouse


The Daily Mail has exclusively reported that they learned Democratic Representative of Minnesota Ilhan Omar has split from her husband, Ahmed Hirsi – the father of her three children.

Will she marry another relative? She allegedly divorced her brother/husband in 2017.

Upon their alleged separation, Omar moved into a swanky Minneapolis apartment, a penthouse, in what DailyMail is calling “one of the trendiest neighborhoods.” But they’re also reporting that Hirsi has been seen house-sitting for Omar when she’s in DC. The Daily Mail writes:

Wow,’ said Hirsi, when approached about the split by outside the complex. ‘I can’t comment on that [the separation].

‘I’m sorry, I just can’t say anything,’ he added before driving off in his BMW car.

Hirsi, 39, had been seen leaving the $2,860-a-month home alone at 7:45 am and returning to drop off his mother and his younger daughter nearly three hours later.

‘He only goes there when Ilhan is in DC,’ one family friend told ‘When she’s in Minneapolis he sleeps at his house.’

Omar isn’t talking either.

People are wondering where she’s getting this money. Who pays all those bills for the penthouse?

Omar first married her current husband Ahmed Hirsi in an Islamic ceremony in 2002 when she was 19, but six years later they ‘reached an impasse in our life together,’ and divorced. They had two children at the time.

In 2009, Omar married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, a British citizen, who has been identified as her brother – but this has not been proven. She married him in a Christian ceremony.

Omar had a third child with Hirsi in 2012, even though she was still legally married to Elmi – who she divorced in 2017. She remarried Hirsi in 2018.

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