Ilhan Omar, Valerie Jarret & Attacks on My Jewish Congressman


Anti-Semitism is a growing problem in this country. We have anti-Semites in Congress who are members of the Democrat Party.

Rep. Ilhan Omar is one of the leading anti-Semites in American public life and has found a welcoming home in the Democrat Party.

Democrats are moving incrementally toward an anti-Israel, anti-Semitic posture. Chuck Schumer Democrats are fading away. We now have the New Democrat Party of pro-Palestinian-terrorist Socialists who yearn for the destruction of Israel, partly because they are anti-Israel and anti-Semitic, and partly because they hate America. The two often go together.


As an example, listen to this shocking message Rep. Zeldin received on his voicemail. The congressman tweeted it after a back-and-forth Twitter clash with Rep. Ilhan Omar. He would like to know from Omar what she disagrees with in the message. [Probably nothing]

The hatemonger on the line is sick of the Jews “demonizing” Hitler “at every turn.”


Yesterday, my congressman Rep. Lee Zeldin re-introduced a resolution, co-sponsored by Steve Scalise, condemning the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hatred infiltrating U.S. politics, college campuses, and the halls of Congress. He noted that Speaker Pelosi was quick to call out white supremacy, and asked if she will do the same with anti-Semitism?

We can answer that. The answer is ‘no’ and the reason we say that is she appointed anti-Semites to positions of power in the House. Take Ilhan Omar for example who is now on key committees. The woman is pro-BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions), a terror-tied anti-Semitic movement.

The anti-Semites in the House, which includes Rashida Tlaib, are opposed to the resolution and falsely claim they are worried about free speech. Their dishonesty is transparent.

Anti-Semite congresswoman Ilhan Omar was angry with Lee Zeldin this week when he noted his concerns about her appointment to a very important foreign affairs subcommittee. He referenced a report about her letter to a judge on behalf of nine ISIS terrorists, making excuses for them.

She responded to Congressman Zeldin, saying that it would be “fun” to “watch him lose his marbles” having to deal with a Muslim woman, suggesting he is an Islamophobe. Omar is a supporter of Maduro in Venezuela and is pro-Hamas, -Hezbollah, and -Iran. Those are her credentials for getting on a foreign affairs committee.

Rep. Zeldin responded in a tweet:


Valerie Jarrett joined in with Omar.

Omar put up her little nasty fist.

This comes amid Omar’s reportedly hijacking Holocaust Memorial Day, calling Israel an “evil” state that has “hypnotized the world,” pushing a homophobic conspiracy theory about Sen. Lindsey Graham, hobnobbing with notorious antisemite Linda Sarsour and siding with a hate group, BizPacReview noted.

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