Illegal Alien in a Sanctuary State Kills Parents of 4 Young Children


Eduardo de la Lima Vargas, 39, appears to have run a red light at high speed on a state highway in Salem, Oregon, on Aug. 19, striking a motorcycle being driven by Logan Wilson, 34, and his wife Jessi, 32. The collision tossed the Wilsons from the motorcycle, fatally injuring both.

He was here illegally, and he was very drunk, speeding, and he ran a red light.


Vargas’s blood alcohol level on a breathalyzer about two hours after the crash was over 1.0, according to a Salem police report. Investigators believe he was probably speeding at twice the legal alcohol limit at the time he crashed into the Wilsons. The parents are survived by four young children.

Vargas is an illegal immigrant from Mexico living in the sanctuary state of Oregon, The Daily Caller and Breitbart reported. Newspapers called Vargas a ‘Hubbard’ man.

Eduardo De La Lima Vargas was arrested on Sunday, August 19th, 2018 and booked into Marion County Jail in Salem, Oregon.

He is being held on two counts of Manslaughter 1, driving under the influence Intox, reckless driving, and two counts of recklessly endangering another.

The Wilson family

His status was uncovered by a Salem-based crime researcher David Olen Cross, who shared it Thursday with TheDCNF.

Cross inquired about Vargas’s immigration status as a part of his research into criminal activity by noncitizens in Oregon. On behalf of Republican state Sen. Kim Thatcher, he creates monthly reports using data from ICE and the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC). He documents the cost of incarcerating foreign nationals in the state prison system. One in 15 inmates is a criminal alien in the system.

Cross’s research has shown that about three-quarters of all criminal aliens in Oregon’s prison system are serving time for what the FBI defines as violent crimes. Crimes include murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault — or sex crimes.

Of the 943 Oregon state prison inmates with active ICE detainers as of July, 731 — 77 percent — have been convicted of those violent crimes or sex offenses, according to Cross’s latest report. That compares to about 60 percent of “domestic” inmates who were convicted of the same offenses.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the children after the loss of their parents.

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