Illegal Alien Pizza Guy Wins First Case, Soldiers Who Caught Him Punished


Manhattan Federal Court judge Alison Nathan accepted an emergency petition by Ecuadorean national Pablo Villavicencio’s attorneys to stay his deportation until at least July 20.

This is the Ecuadorian who came here illegally and was sent by his employer to deliver a pizza to a Brooklyn Army base. The soldiers at Fort Hamilton checked Villavicencio’s ID and saw he was here illegally. In other words, he had no right to be here.

He was detained and transferred to ICE and was set for deportation.

The open borders leftists and his attorneys weren’t satisfied with the delay of his deportation. They wanted him freed.

“Although we are disappointed that Pablo will remain detained, today’s stay is a victory for him and his family, and also for due process and the fair administration of justice,” Villavicencio’s attorneys with The Legal Aid Society said in a statement.


This criminal, who came into this country illegally, now gets a court case at taxpayer expense. He comes from a country that is safe and he is no refugee.

The soldiers at the base are now being demonized and no one will deliver any food to the base.

“Some people tell their bosses, ‘I’m not going,’” local cook and delivery man Emanuel Kabrinny said to the New York Post. “I’m not going either. If they want food, let them come here [to pick it up].”

“We’re kind of afraid to send someone to the Army base this morning, and what’s the first call? From the Army base,” Chris Moustakas, the manager of a local bagel shop, added.

Maybe the restaurant should hire people here legally. It’s complete lawlessness.

This guy will never get deported. Since he is only a pizza delivery boy with a family, he likely gets food stamps, child tax credits, and free healthcare.

We are a lawless nation and do not follow the Constitution.

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