Illegal Alien Raped, Murdered Beloved Immigrant Caroline Cano


Caroline Cano, 45-years of age and a native of Peru, worked as a nanny. She was found dead in a local lake close to her home.

She was still wearing her jogging sneakers when she was found by Jersey City police in the lake and hadn’t been there long.

The Medical Examiner determined her death was caused by “strangulation” and “water submersion”.  She had also been raped.

Jorge Rios, an illegal alien, was charged with murder, felony murder, kidnapping, and aggravated sexual assault after video evidence pointed to him as the killer. Rios lives nearby and was a frequent visitor to the park. He followed her as she jogged until they were alone.

“Our understanding is that it was strangers, and he frequented the park, and we feel real comfortable that we have the right person based on his statements. When you understand the video, the background, and the statements, this was just a horrible situation. The entire circumstance was a terrible thing, and the prosecutors did a great job wrapping it up quick,” the mayor said.

She was a “beautiful woman, had a beautiful heart” and her friends became worried when she didn’t show up for church.

Fox News reported that Rios is here illegally, but no other outlet is reporting that information. In New York, we hear about some horrific crimes and the names are turning up as Hispanic but no one will say if they are here legally. This isn’t normal for Hispanics. Hispanics are mostly good people. This wave of criminal Hispanics is new.

They just picked up an MS-13 killer not far from my home. They are all over Long Island, mostly preying on immigrants.

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