Illegal alien rapist released despite detainer & re-victimizes his victim

Antonio Ulises Perez

An illegal immigrant, 38-year-old Antonio Ulises Perez, was charged with rape, and even though ICE issued a detainer, he was released. Then he went back to the victim’s house to assault her again.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested the 38-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador Wednesday after the woman he allegedly raped contacted police when he arrived at her home, according to a statement by the agency. ICE said the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office did not honor its request to notify them.

Thes leftist open borders loons are even ruining Oklahoma.

The sheriff’s department was asked by ICE officials on Tuesday to transfer custody of Perez when he was to be released, but they “failed to honor an ICE detainer and released him from custody.”

“Within a few hours of being released, this illegal alien was back at the home of the rape victim where he was free to re-victimize her and harm other members of the community,” Marc Moore, director of ICE’s Dallas field office, said.

The sheriff’s department “released Ulises Perez around 3 a.m. on Oct. 9, about an hour after notifying ICE, that he was scheduled to be released preventing deportation officers any reasonable opportunity to take custody,” the agency’s statement read.

Democrats want people like this guy roaming around in your neighborhood. Leftists don’t care. They only care about their ideology which is why they promote sanctuary cities and prefer illegals to citizens and legal immigrants. They conform to their narrative.



  1. I don’t know if Oklahoma City is actually a sanctuary city or not, but the sheriff’s department there is behaving like it is. These illegals are here in the United States to commit crimes such as rape, but apparently the sheriff’s department didn’t think that was a good enough reason to turn this one over the ICE so he could be returned to El Salvador.

    It should be pointed out that sheriffs are elected officials, and we need to pay attention to what an elected sheriff is going to do with illegals who come into the United States in order to commit more crimes. Any sheriff who cannot find it within him (or her) to turn such alien felons over to ICE once they have been detained has no business wearing a sheriff’s badge.

    Sheriff’s should not be reelected to their office if they have such disregard for the communities that they serve. Same with city mayors and appointed police chiefs, local officials who have such disregard for the communities that they serve have no business being in office or wearing a badge.

  2. Not in the country legally, charged with rape and he’s just sent on his merry way. Why the hell wouldn’t he figure he’s free to do whatever he wants whenever he wants.

  3. I pray the next victim of this rapist is someone belonging to the socialist who released him. duh.. This would certainly change the bastard’s mind… amen

  4. Go to H*ll and Shame on you OKC!!! Why does every freaking city turn to liberal values? I seriously thought this State was better than that. Huh?!

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