Illegal Alien Who Killed Deputy – Eligible for Legal Status?



Photo of Andres Munos-Munos, within breathing distance of “legal status”

A previously deported illegal alien hit and killed a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy while driving drunk. Andres Munos-Munos, 23, was charged with intoxication manslaughter in the death of Sgt. Dwayne Polk. He ran a red light and there were no skid marks. He never tried to stop.

The deputy died at the scene.

Mr. Munos was convicted of drunk driving once before and of weapon possession, both misdemeanors.

Under the Gang of Eight immigration bill, Andres would probably have been allowed to stay in the United States and would have been eligible for a path to citizenship if no serious felonies appeared in his record.

The immigration bill allows three misdemeanors and in some cases, a felony, to be excluded when considering if an immigrant is eligible for legal status. Under the immigration bill the DHS and USDA Secretaries can arbitrarily waive all prior background issues and allow illegal aliens “legal status” and citizenship, even for Mr. Munos if they wanted.

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