Illegal Crossings Down 50%, Which Means 1100 Illegals Per Day


This is what the Democrats want for the United States – open borders. Instead of an orderly, lawful process of immigration the American people control, the politicos will get to decide who comes in and apparently, they are content with not knowing who the immigrants are. The more criminal and uneducated they are, the better. It means cheap labor and a permanent Democrat underclass.

We only have 39 Republicans in the Senate. That’s how many Republicans voted for the bill to build a wall and stop chain migration and the lottery in exchange for amnesty for 1.8 million illegals. If Mitt Romney wins in Utah, we will have 38 Republicans. He’s as bad as Flake.

Chain migration is a complete ruse. Illegals get to decide who our immigrants are and it’s all under the guise of family unification.

The country is being transformed into a Marxist nightmare. The politicos, the media, the academics, the entertainers are thrilled.


Vice President Mike Pence was at the border this week and he found that, even with numbers down by 50 percent, we have 1100 illegals coming in per day. They are coming for our freebies or to ply our kids with drugs.

“Illegal crossings are down nearly 50 percent. But even against that backdrop, the American people deserve to know that we still apprehend 1100 people attempting to come into this country every single day.”

That is an estimate. Border Patrol has no idea how many slips through that they don’t know about.

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