Illegal Demands His ‘Constitutional Rights’ Under the Second Amendment


An illegal alien from Mexico is demanding his Second Amendment rights in a New York court in a case that could have far-reaching consequences. Illegals keep getting constitutional rights they don’t deserve. Democrats are adamant about giving them our rights. It will destroy this country as they flood in from all over the world.

Javier Perez contends that he is being unfairly hit with criminal charges for shooting in the air on a Brooklyn sidewalk. He claims he did it to fend off gang rivals in July 2016, the New York Daily News reports.

Gang rivals? That suggests he’s a gangster himself.


“The Framers were clear: If they meant citizens, they would have said citizens. But they didn’t,” his defense lawyer, Samuel Jacobson, argued in Brooklyn federal court. “There is no suggestion that there was a concept of ‘illegal alien’ and no suggestion that if you were from a foreign country, you couldn’t bear arms.”

Brooklyn federal prosecutors are infuriated this case was allowed to move forward. Defenses without merit are never allowed to move ahead and this man has “zero Second Amendment rights.”

The Assistant U.S. Attorney said these illegal aliens frequently live above the law. [Big surprise?]

“Those who don’t have legal status here have an interest in defying law enforcement. They have an interest in not maintaining a stable residence or registering a firearm,” she argued in court.

His lawyer said Perez should have the same constitutional rights as any American.

God help us if he wins this case.

You should also know that New York’s City Council wants all illegal aliens to have the right to vote in all local elections. That would give them the power to decide policy. Make no mistake, the criminals would vote. See the problem here?

The same Democrats who push to take guns away from lawful gun owners are pushing for illegals to have our constitutional rights. Think about that.

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