Illegal Immigrant Deported 44 Times from Open Borders USA


The world’s most persistent illegal immigrant is a Mexican who managed to get deported 44 times in 15 years. The runner-up was ejected 40 times from 2001 to 2015. Others were deported 35, 34, 31 times.

A drunk, twice-deported man ran over football star Edwin Jackson and his driver who were on the emergency lane. They both died.

Our porous borders notwithstanding, federal judges are also a problem. One immigrant activist – a troublemaker and rabble-rouser – Ravi Ragbir, director of New Sanctuary Coalition was released so he could say goodbye. He was being deported because he broke the law, according to the Daily Beast.

The judge thought it was “mean” to deport him. She is supposed to be following the law. There are many others just like her.

Sanctuary cities and states protect the illegal aliens even if they are criminals. We end up with foreigners here illegally engaging in political activism with the purpose of keeping our borders open. They are not Americans looking out for our interests.

We need to start putting these people in jail.


Kate’s Law cleared the House with the support of 24 Democrats but the Senate hasn’t even brought it to the floor for a vote.

“While no legislation can prevent every tragic situation, Congress has a duty to take every action possible to mitigate this harm and danger,” Mr. Bob Goodlatte said in a statement to The Times.

His plan also includes the Davis-Oliver Act, which would require localities to cooperate with deportation efforts, pushing back against the growing number of sanctuaries that protect illegal immigrants.

We already have laws in place to force sanctuaries to follow the law but Sessions hasn’t followed through on that or any related issue. The exception is the deportation of the unaccompanied youth are in MS-13 but that’s not the only illegal alien gang.

Andrew R. Arthur, a resident fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies and a former immigration judge, said prison time is critical.

“The prospect of five years of slammer time for illegal re-entry is a strong disincentive,” he said. “The vast majority of individuals who enter the U.S. illegally who aren’t smugglers are coming to the United States to work. If they are in jail, they’re not able to work to provide for either themselves or their family.”

He said prison time could also take some of the smugglers out of action because it’s easier to make cases against them for illegal re-entry.

But that requires prosecutors willing to take the cases.

Border authorities say prosecutors feel it’s a waste of their time.

Chris Crane, president of the National ICE Council, which represents more than 7,500 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees, said what is needed is a comprehensive enforcement strategy aimed at stopping illegal immigration that targets the reasons repeat illegal immigrants are returning — such as the availability of jobs.

“We’ve got to have E-Verify, we’ve got to have the entry-exit systems. We’ve got to have a robust interior enforcement plan, and we’ve got to quit dangling the carrot and drawing people here,” he said.


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