Illegal Immigrant Out on Bail for Attempted Murder, Kills for MS 13


Carlos Argueta is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, who settled into a Long Island community.  In his early teens, Argueta became a member of the brutal MS 13 gang and was arrested for the attempted murder of a fellow person of color outside the Brentwood Public Library. 

Carlos Argueta

While out on bail, and at 16 years of age, carrying the nickname “Desorden” (Disorder) he helped plan and was complicit in killing of fellow gang member Jose’ Pena.  Argueta had convinced his cohorts that Pena was a government snitch and got permission from MS-13 higher-ups in El Salvador before executing this “contract”.  

The unsuspecting gang-banger was lured into a vehicle and then brutally stabbed to death.  The body, dumped at an abandoned LI psychiatric hospital, was discovered months later.  

“Desorden” has pleaded guilty to both the attempted slaying in Brentwood along with the successful “hit” on Pena.  

So, an illegal alien from Central America breaks into our country, gets arrested for attempted murder, but somehow makes bail.  Then Argueta goes back to terrorizing his community, until pleading guilty for both the botched and successful killings.

A few days ago federal prosecutors felt the need to show a picture of “Disorder” brandishing a rifle and pistol in an effort to keep him from making bail…this time.  

That bail was denied shouldn’t surprise us, but sadly it might.  

Read more at the NY Post

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