Transforming Western Civilization


Massive immigration is engulfing Europe and overwhelming the United States. It threatens Western culture.

When it comes to illegal immigration, the news media is deliberately misleading. New York’s Newsday had a front page article Wednesday insisting that the numbers of Unaccompanied Alien Children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border is down 67%, but it’s not an honest assessment.

In fact, last month the influx was the highest it’s ever been in one month at over 30,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children. Some of these “children” are gang youth.

There are many more families coming now and they didn’t mention that either. They also don’t mention the fact that cartels are coming over with women and children, pretending they’re family “units”.

The West could be overwhelmed with illegals and refugees in a way that could forever change its character of our nation. At some point it becomes unsustainable.

illegal immigration

Anyone who protests is called a xenophobe, a racist, a nativist. The leftists fight their wars with words and they are silencing all opposition. It is the reason we now have Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has taken a position unlike any other U.S. leader running for president.

We must stem the flow of illegal immigrants coming in from around the world. We don’t have a clue as to who is coming in and the American people have to regain control.


The U.S. is spending more than $12,255 per hour for border security that obviously isn’t working. A drone program that cost $360 million has failed but, as is typical of big government, they want another $443 million allocated for it.

Donald Trump wants to triple the number of ICE agents, the agents who police the interior.

That has worked and would work far better than the failed drone program. The monies from the drone program could pay for the agents. We could also stop giving entitlements to illegal immigrants and use the money to pay for the agents.

We have had money in the budget for the wall for decades, still our politicians won’t do it. People are simply fed up and they know Trump will do what he says he will do.

Sometimes we hear walls don’t  work. Of course they work. They work in Israel, they work in my backyard, they work,  period.

We currently have 5,000 agents doing the bulk of work within ICE for the entire nation and we have more than 1.1 million local and other law enforcement. Barack Obama has blocked the paths between local law enforcement and ICE.

The leftists and some Republicans aren’t looking for internal enforcement. They paint all deportations with the same brush – it’s “inhumane.”

In Scandinavian countries, the massive immigration has been welcomed and the newcomers are given immediate residency. Last week, a mother and son were beheaded by two “refugees” from Eritrea while shopping in an IKEA store. The result – IKEA won’t sell knives.

These countries have a lot of violence in the immigrant communities and with their open door policy, they’re likely to get worse.

Greece is being overwhelmed by migrants and it’s not what they need given the precarious nature of their financial state.

Rubber dinghies packed full of migrants continue to arrive at the Greek island of Kos as Syrian refugees pile on to cargo ships and cruise liners taking thousands to Athens. The bankrupt nation is being flooded with immigrants.

The Obama administration including Hillary Clinton destroyed Libya and unless something is done, it will continue to be the gateway through which many will pass as they flee ISIS, destitution, and other terrors, and in some cases, they will be ISIS fighters.

‘The world finds itself facing the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War, EU Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said on Friday.

‘This tragedy will not be the last if the international community does not find a solution to the crisis in Libya,’ from where most of the migrants set out, Italy’s Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said.

Destroying ISIS would help enormously.

Hundreds of migrants and terrorized peoples are landing in Italy, seeking shelter daily. Since the beginning of 2014, Italy has saved 200,000 from the sea and thousands remain in shelters.

Thousands of Arab and African asylum seekers gather in Calais to transit throughout the Eurotunnel to Dover. The U.K. and France are overwhelmed.

That story is playing out in Germany, a small and very overcrowded country.  The country took in 174,000 asylum seekers last year and will take in 500,000 this year. Germany is only a little larger than New Mexico.

Germany in particular hopes to show its humanity with their generosity by taking in thousands from all over the world and it has led to an increase in attacks on the newcomers including arson and physical assaults.

Once the immigrants enter the EU, they stay, and many travel to the various welfare nations throughout Europe including Scandinavia.

The United States is also experiencing its own tidal wave of legal and illegal immigrants for a total of 1.7 million last year alone – that we know about.

Border Patrol now sees more people from Africa and Asia coming across U.S. borders illegally.

This is the scene being played out across the West.

Rep. Steven King was asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo about Trump’s immigration plan which Trump developed with the help of Rep. Jeff Sessions, a senator who actually cares about keeping our sovereignty and our culture.




  1. Persons in the U.S. illegally and their progeny are “subject to the jurisdiction” of a foreign country. They are, and remain, non-citizens of the U.S. unless naturalized (14thA). Children born here to visitors, tourists, diplomats, etc., do not automatically become U.S. citizens, and there is no motion to claim they are.

    Mark Levin guest law professor also said there has been no SCOTUS ruling addressing so-called birthright citizenship. That concept apparently originated in some Federal agency.

    O’Reilly is tiresome.

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