Illegals, Illegal Aliens – Racist or Descriptive?


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Political Correctness (PC) has become a tool by which the overly-polite and leftists with ulterior motives can take away our free speech. It’s especially problematic when it affects the very nature of our Republic and our freedoms.

A newspaper in Santa Barbara has taken PC on as a cause. They use the terms “illegals” and “illegal aliens” right in their newspaper headlines.

The News-Press ran the headline “Illegals Line Up for Driver’s Licenses” in early January, prompting protests and a message painted in red on the wall of the newspaper’s offices. The paper used the term again last week in another front page story: “Driving Legal Opens Door to Illegals’ Past.”

Are those headlines racist or descriptive? Is our first amendment being violated?

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The PCers, who once accepted the term “illegal immigrant”, won’t even accept that now. They want people here illegally called “undocumented workers” or “unauthorized.”

Why not call them future legal residents? Even that will one day be unacceptable. The PCers want open borders and they want all people treated like citizens.

No nation will survive without borders. We will be the authors of our own demise.

“We will not give in to the thugs who are attempting to use political correctness as a tool of censorship and a weapon to shut down this newspaper,” News-Press co-publisher Arthur von Wiesenberger wrote on the website of the Minuteman Project, which opposes illegal immigration.

Open borders groups and other leftists call them unapologetic racists.

“I respect their right to free speech,” said City Councilwoman Cathy Murillo, who attended the pro-immigrant rally, “but they don’t have to be hateful. It’s like the ‘N-word’ for blacks,” she stated with gross hyperbole.

Don Katich, director of news operations for the News-Press, said Monday that the newspaper has used the word “illegals” for a decade to describe immigrants in the United States without permission, and does not plan on changing its policy despite criticism or financial pressure.

He said that the federal government uses the word online and on official documents, and that a vast majority of people agree that it’s an appropriate term.

“It accurately describes the 800-pound gorilla in this whole story,” Katich said. “People are in this country illegally.… I think that’s why this has tapped a national nerve.”

“We’re tired of immigrants being portrayed as criminals,” one Latino activist told the LA Times. “People are not illegal.”

Illegal aliens are here illegally and they are not immigrants. They are illegal entrants. They did break the law.

The activists want to keep the borders open which is why there is all this faux outrage and claims of being insulted.

Supporters of We the People Rising carpooled from all over Southern California to participate in a demonstration last week, waving signs reading “Freedom Starts With Speech” and “If You Are Illegally in This Country, You Are Breaking the Law.”

“The truth is, they’re here illegally, and the truth is sometimes painful,” said one demonstrator.

Most news outlets use the term “unauthorized” or “undocumented”. Fox News uses “illegal immigrant.”

The most accurate term is “illegal alien” and that is the truth. It is being called “provocative” to call a thing what it is if liberals invent some racism charge around it. We need to stop falling for this deliberate attempt to regulate what we do, say and think.

We refer to people by such obfuscating terms, we don’t know what we are talking about.

It has nothing to do with the race of people, it has to do with our laws and our rights as Americans to decide who comes here and how they come here and what benefits we will give them.

The leftists throw this PC garbage at people to control them and change the way they think about things. In this case it is about something that is critical to our survival as a nation. No nation can survive without borders. No nation can be called a nation without having borders.

We are being destroyed from within.

Oh, and by the way, at the Sentinel, we use “illegals, illegal immigrants and illegal aliens”. “Undocumented” is unacceptably vague.

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