Illegals’ License to Drive


Driver’s licenses will no longer make very useful ID’s. Illinois is now interested in joining the few other states that give them to illegals so they can get to work. I’m not sure why we need all this illegal labor when we have 23 million citizens out of work, especially since illegals send much of the money they earn back to their native country.

They are driving anyway we are told. Allegedly 250,000 illegal immigrant motorists who can’t get insurance are on state roads and contribute to more than $660 million in insurance claims. [So let’s give them licenses to drive, that will help. How will we guarantee that they will buy insurance?]

Of course the Latino voters are the reason Democrats won big on Election Day which means the illegal Latinos want to buy the Democrats. Actually, they already have.

Driver’s licenses will allow illegals to vote in just about any state in the union thereby allowing them to decide the future of our country. Some states will or do require a stamp on the license indicating that it cannot be used as ID and Illinois seems to be following that model. Not all do.

The fact that Janet Napolitano herself admitted that drug dealers and terrorists are coming across our open border doesn’t seem to even enter into this conversation.

I’d be negligent if I didn’t mention the fact that this is in violation of federal law. This administration chooses the laws they will or will not enforce. I believe the word “lawless” applies here.


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